Our History

Our History

We are a little and familiar enterprise that works the goat milk artisanly and with lots of passion since 1972. That time, in Nuris house there was a flock of goats and she, very ambitiously because she didn’t want to only do housework, decided starting to experiment. Finally, she obtained the flavour and the texture she liked for the recuit and we still prepare it like then!

Nuris initiative was very well welcomed by the different restaurants of the region and thanks to the word of mouth the project continued growing and reaching other shops such as butcheries.

Later, her daughter Nuri started to help and four hands could develop the business offering new products such as de mató, the junket, the fresh cheese and the half-matured cheese.

In 2003, Nuri received the artisan master recognition which was a pride for the family as the handmade work, the proximity and all the efforts that our work implies were finally recognised.

A few years ago, the wish of developing our project and doing new, less common fresh products made us use all the pontential of the goat milk. Valuing all the properties and flavours of that refined milk we started doing yogurhts. And our customers started loving them!

Recently, in 2017 and after lots of experimentation and effort we started our adventure through sweetness and started offering our recuit de drap cake and our recuit de drap flan which is like a pudding. Both of them are made artisanly as always with all our delicacy and passion.

Our new sweet line is loved by all our customers, we must thank them their trust as they are for us our big family. This year 2020 gave us lots of meditation moments and now that is time to support the products from our region and to value our land, we wanted to do a product that reflected the unique character of the Empordà: the xuixo de recuit de drap. The spectacular reception they had let us reaffirm our project and not giving up despite the difficult times we are living.

Nowadays, our products are available in all Catalunya as we distribute them or have other distributors.